Sunday, January 20, 2008

ODF Alliance - Microsoft OOXML 1-0

The ODF alliance, the organization proposing an open standard document format, hit back brilliantly at some "research" performed by the Burton Group (aka the Microsoft Propaganda Department) , in which it claimed OOXML was superior. Not surprisingly this "research" by the Burton group was provided free of charge - of course because it had been entirely funded by Microsoft in advance and is to be used as another piece in the Microsoft FUD strategy.

The answer of the ODF alliance provides a good read, check it out here. Its well written and i think a clear win for ODF! Not surprisingly the Burton Group also published some free "research" in which it warns against Google Domains. What a coincidence. I wonder who paid for that free "research". The Microsoft propaganda machine is obviously busy, but are people still listening?

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