Monday, December 31, 2007

Sending Exchange & Outlook to the digital trashcan.....

I recently chucked the Exchange / Outlook Fatware combo for Google Apps. And i havent looked back since. Google Apps comes with the best anti spam & anti virus in town, 6 gigs per mailbox (and counting), and is super easy to administer. You can access your mail anywhere and its backed up by Google. No need to worry about a backup mail service or about moving ISP. And its free too. What more can you wish for? Even Santa Claus cant improve on that.

Whats more, now I can actually search for mail efficiently (and find stuff). Truth is, Outlook hasn't really progressed since Outlook 97 - which wasn't very good to start with. But if you want to continue using Outlook, you can - Google recently added IMAP support. So you can replace those cumbersome public folders with Google IMAP enabled mailboxes. To top it off, Google Domains has calendaring too, as well as a neat little user portal.

If you want to start 2008 without mail hassles, check it out! Meanwhile, have a great New Year celebration :-)


Unknown said...

I use Google Apps myself and tend to agree that's pretty good, however the usual security vs convience caveats apply :(

All the best for 2008!

Anonymous said...

You can run Google mail using HTTPS for security.

Try this:

I have been using it for years and loving it as well.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately it seems that https doesn't prevent the authentication
cookie from being stolen under certain circumstances.