Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3CX Phone System V5 stable beta out

It took some time, but today we finally uploaded a really good beta of 3CX Phone System V5. The reason it took so long is because we packed a lot of new functionality in there. We also made significant changes to our phone system in order to prepare for new features and scale even better.

3CX Phone System V5 adds 3CX bridges, allowing for easy connection of remote branch offices. It has a built in VPN to allow external extensions to connect with a minimum of firewall configuration. It features phone provisioning, call recording, an inbound fax server, sip forking, BLF (so that you can see busy status of other lines on the phone), SIP trunking and G729 codec support. Many other the hood features too, such as a fully configurable SIP templating system. Check out version 5 by going to our version 5 beta forum


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, I will be downloading the beta 3CX this week. In addition to my background in the entrenched telecomm world (cisco, avaya nortel, alcatel, nec, etc) I have worked with Asterisk and I am a trixbox certified admin.

What advantages should I be looking for in 3cx over some of these others? What CTI capabilities have you added or enhanced in this release so I could develop some product around it?

Regards, Filios

Nick Galea said...

Hi Filios!

I would be very interested to hear your feedback on our product. Could you mail me at ng at

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Sounds good but how will 3CX compete against Microsoft's Response Point SMB IP-PBX offering? You might want to look for a way to further differentiate your product by including a speech-enabled virtual assistant like our Montreal-based company has

Best Regards,

Gabor Barta

Nick Galea said...

Microsoft Response Point is a hardware based proprietary solution. Customers will be tied in to Microsoft technology, which is not scaleable nor easily upgradable. Microsoft Response point also lacks many important features such as SIP trunking, support for standard SIP soft phones and hardware phones and so on. In short, we have already differentiated ourselves significantly from Microsoft Response point.