Friday, September 16, 2011

HTC Wildfire S frees me of iTunes

I recently bought an HTC Wildfire S and have been very impressed with the phone. The Android operating system is evolving rapidly, and in terms of usability its pretty close to an iPhone. But HTC Wildfire trumps the iPhone on several points:

  1. It has a smaller form factor and is more durable.
  2. Its half the price.
  3. The operating system is more open allowing you to install your own apps.
  4. I'd say the the text input keyboard on the HTC is better.
  5. The HTC has speech recognition for text messages and mail which works really well.
  6. You can rid yourself of the awful iTunes software!!

I have also been using 3CXphone on Android with the new tunnel feature connected to our 3CX Phone System. I can now use our company PBX from pretty much any hotspot in town. Easy and free…


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! But who forced to you to use iTunes? may be you should call the police? :)

Anonymous said...

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