Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3CX checks in at hotels worldwide to bring VoIP to Hospitality industry

I read somewhere that about 30% of telephony ports worldwide are installed at Hotels. That might be exaggerated, but undoubtedly there are a lot of hotels worldwide with large phone systems in place.

And most of these hotel pbx systems are overpriced, aging and ‘under featured’. A huge opportunity therefore for 3CX. 

I am convinced that a software based PBX, with its flexibility and adaptability can be more easily integrated with hotel software then a traditional PBX, an appliance or a Linux based PBX. Furthermore, the hospitality industry can greatly benefit from voice applications.

So I am happy to announce the release of 3CX Hotel Module – which turns 3CX Phone System in to a full featured hotel PBX that supports Check in, Check out, DND, Maid status, billing, guest voice mail and more. And supports popular hotel software such as Fidelio and more.

Watch my Youtube presentation on the new module here, or read the press release!

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DV said...

Hey .. I like this .. ! Makes sense!