Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Version 7.1 goes live!

3CX Phone System v 7.1 was released today.

The big feature was the new 3CX Assistant. The Assistant makes using the phone system for each extension user much easier.

In addition, its also the basis for integration with other CRM software such as Microsoft Outlook and The integration modules are in beta and can already be downloaded.

You can view the press release here.


Emmet Doyle said...

Hi Nick,

It all looks great so far. Are planning to add support for more CRM's?



Nick Galea said...

Great, thanks! Yes we plan to add Microsoft CRM. We also have an API that allows companies to develop support for other CRMs. API at

Matt Landis said...

improvement on call assistant colors/theme...looks more like 3CX. ;-)