Monday, January 26, 2009

Data, Data….. Where are you? Gdrive is calling…..

Considering the flurry of news about the rumored Gdrive today, it would appear that the much awaited Google Gdrive data storage is just around the corner. And this is good news for Google fans like myself. Although there are several free data storage services available, I prefer to have it all tied to my google account.

I am assuming the new Gdrive service will be free, though I don’t see how they will be getting ad revenue out of it. Wait… maybe they will insert ads into the documents you store on the free space? :-)

Together with the Gdrive rumors are the forecasts of the death of the PC and as always Microsoft. I really cant see how an online data storage service means the death of the PC or Microsoft for that matter. We are going to need a user friendly OS, and therefore Windows, to keep running our applications, and access our shiny new online data storage.


Matt Landis said...

I guess its exciting to say Windows will die. This past week our ISP dropped our connection twice...cutting us off from our Sharepoint intranet, PSA software and our current instant messaging system...if we had a hosted OS our productivity could have be entirely stopped. ;-) (12 people twiddling their fingers doesn't make this CEO happy. ;-)

My guess is the first step towards a web desktop is a web desktop that is available on the go that somehow syncs to your "real" desktop. My opinion.


Nick Galea said...

Yes we are far off from a hosted OS. And we would still need an OS to get to the hosted OS.....

Matt Landis said...


Well maybe not as far as we think!

Offline google apps...


Wayne Hewitt said...

Virtualization is the next generation of computing

We are far off from mainstream hosting of OSs and storage. Maybe a good idea to run as a parallel or as backup but definitely not for live mission critical data. Why would you add a third element of failure and depend on connectivity when you can have the data running with you anyway?

We are already helpless with an internet connection blackout. I cannot imagine myself losing access to my 'offline' data as well with it... that would be catastrophic organizationwide

And this is not to mention the security aspect of hosted data