Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whats all the hype about Google Chrome?

Just another another browser, yet much of the media has it as a Microsoft Killer. I can't see how. Google Chrome is probably better then IE, but so is Firefox, and it took years for Firefox to get the market share it has now.

Googles track record in developing software is not very good - it takes Google a long time to finish applications and they are slow in adding features. So why all the hype around Google Chrome? (yes i saw the comic and yes there are some neat concepts, but nothing Firefox couldnt adopt)

For now, the main upshot is that webmasters and software developers have another web browser to test and fix display issues on. Great.


Matt Landis said...


At our company we are very Micro-centric (which can be a vice in itself--I know) but we use IE because that is most used & what our clients are using.

I did give chrome a look (NOT on our office computers) and it appears to very minimal features. Not even a page load indicator. On speed: My finding was that some pages ARE faster, but some are incredibly slow too. So, if you save a millisecond on a page load, and spend several minutes hunting for a feature-that doesn't quite make sense for me. Also, we can consider ourselves "gurus on the mountain tops" using a "superior" browse, but then when our clients call and we don't know where to find features for them, that do
oesn't really make sense.

On the positive side, the "create web app shortcut" feature in Chrome is very nice. I would like to see that in IE.

Also, to see who is loosing market share to Chrome, checkout this interesting link.

ok, long winded enough there.

Nick Galea said...

Yes i agree. I am a firefox user myself. In Google Chrome, i have seen some sites load a bit faster but others dont or dont load correctly. I guess we will have to wait and see....