Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Microsoft launches free Hyper V server based on windows 2008 core

Microsoft just announced that it has made Hyper V server available for free download. To be clear, we are not talking about the Hyper V that is bundled in Windows 2008, but a separate, stand alone ‘distribution’ of Windows 2008 core and Hyper V. The host license itself is free, but of course any copies of Windows that you run virtually on the machine must be licensed. This makes Hyper V server the functional equivalent of VMware ESX. See the comparison between Hyper V server and Windows 2008 here (scroll down). Vmware and Microsoft are making virtualization more accessible and more cost effective, but the biggest gain will be that both firms are likely to continue to deliver virtualisation innovations faster then ever before.

In 3CX terms this means that virtualising the PBX is now even easier and more cost effective. By virtualising the PBX, you can save on hardware costs, energy costs and above all administration/management time. Think about it – you can make a complete backup of your PBX on a DVD!

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