Friday, September 5, 2008

3CX VOIP phone released

We have just officially launched the new free 3CX VoIP Phone for Windows.

What makes it different from other soft phones is that 3CX VOIP phone has been developed with the business user in mind - the interface is clean and easy to use. Further more it includes the all important Call Transfer, which is not available in many free soft phones. There have been quite a few blog posts about it already: VOIPguides, Tom Keating and VOIPmonitor wrote about it already.

You can download 3CX VoIP Phone here. Press release is this way


Matt Landis said...

Interesting move that I believe will help 3CX in at least 2 ways:
-provide more exposure for 3CX PBX
-wider use will help harden voipclient core & fit and finish

Any more to announce about possible IM aditions to 3CX?

Good work.

Nick Galea said...

Thanks for the feedback. We have switched our attention from IM to Windows mobile client for the moment, we are considering a SIP windows mobile client that can integrate seamlessly with 3CX or other SIP PBXs....

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Thats good news about a mobile client, its a feature we do get asked about here in the UK. IM would be useful at some point but I think we could create more buzz with a mobile version of the client.

looking forward to V7.


Nick Galea said...

thanks emmet, i agree. Work has started already on the mobile client...

Unknown said...

Nick - do you want to develop the WinMo client in-house or are you open to considering partnering with a 3rd party for the same. Also, what about a Symbian clinet for the S60.

Lastly, do you plan to consider buncling an FMC server with your IP/PBX for seamless hand-over between two wireless networks?


Anonymous said...

It’s really good and it will be give boom in VOIP services. It’s also good news for a VOIP end user.

Anonymous said...

thanks for update my knowledge i like VOIP phones