Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Google strikes with unbeatable hosted anti spam and anti virus product

I recently wrote about the excellent Google domains product. Well, now its possible to use just the security 'component' of Google domains and combine it with any mail server. For only $3 a year per user, you can outsource your entire anti spam and anti virus to Google. For a 50 user company, that’s only $150 per year!

Unbeatable, knowing how good Google anti spam and anti virus is and how much work managing spam and virus can be. Exchange and Lotus users no longer need to buy and manage expensive add on products.

So whilst Microsoft is busy burning 44 billion dollars (Only dollars, true), Google is busy gaining access to that vast and profitable Exchange Server customer base. Check out Googles offering here


Wayne Hewitt said...

brilliant offer! google's bid to become the internet's leading ASP

Nick Galea said...

I guess mainframe days are back :-)

Elections are very close. The 3 parties are all at about 32-33% according to the exit polls. We should know final results soon