Monday, September 3, 2007

Germany to use Trojans to infiltrate Terrorist groups

German politicians have defended plans to email Trojan horse software to terror suspects in the hopes of monitoring their conversations. The measures have sparked a fierce civil liberties debate. More on

An amazingly bad plan by german government too crazy for words. And this only months after an arguably even more ridiculous action by same government, involving the banning of security scanning tools


sandro said...

Similar things which have to do with Trojan emails can be (are being) done by other governments without needing to advise the rest of the country and the media.

Meanwhile, the new law regarding security / hacking tools is totally stupid. I wonder how such laws manage to to see the light of the day, let alone get passed.

The bad guys do not necessarily (and more likely do not) live in Germany so the laws don't apply.

On the other hand, the good guys cannot make use or publish security tools which will help them identify and close down security holes.

I think both of these articles show a deep misunderstanding of the situation from the German government's side.

Nick Galea said...

Spot on sandro.

One would have expected better from an advanced country such as Germany....