Thursday, August 16, 2007

Web application vulnerability list

Acunetix has released an RSS feed which lists known web application vulnerabilities and the specific technologies which they target. Hackers today have an ever increasing list of weaknesses in the web application structure at their disposal, which they can exploit to accomplish a wide variety of malicious tasks. In order to educate the public, Acunetix felt the need to document all vulnerabilities discovered by Acunetix WVS since its inception, and will continue to update this list with every new vulnerability found.

Hackers are constantly searching for new flaws to exploit in web applications. Most of the vulnerabilities affect all dynamic web applications whilst others are known to be dependent on specific application technologies. Whatever the case may be, it has become apparent that as web technologies progress, so do the exploits that come with them which hackers are using in order to compromise sensitive databases, thus posing a threat to the daily operation of online businesses.

Since its introduction to the market, developers at Acunetix have been gathering information on all the known web application vulnerabilities detected by the scanner. These vulnerability "signatures" also reinforce the need for the heuristic scanning capabilities of Acunetix WVS, for the detection of those exploits which have not yet been identified and tagged.

The Web Application Vulnerability RSS feed, including over 400 entries is available to subscribe to from:

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