Friday, March 18, 2011

3CX Phone System V10 BETA available

Finally! 3CX Phone System v10 Beta 1 is out of the door. V10 is a major release, with an all new – Silverlight based – user portal, 3CX MyPhone. The new 3CX MyPhone replaces the 3CX Assistant and the old 3CX MyPhone portal. Everything is now grouped in one easy to use portal.

The new 3CX MyPhone is web based, but can be installed as a desktop application. In this mode it uses the browser in the background but allows the user to resize 3CX MyPhone to their preference, as well as launch it automatically. 3CX MyPhone should also run on Macs.

More information and download links here


Allen Miller said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your input for my Credit Union presentation on Wednesday. I think it went pretty well.

Where should we be posting questions, issues with v10 - in the forums or as Support Tickets?


Allen Miller

Jaymes said...


I can't wait to start using the Conferencing feature on MyPhone!

Keep up the good work 3CX.

J Marsh

Nick Galea said...

Thanks for the nice feedback! Yes conferencing has been much improved!

Nick Galea said...

Hi Alan, Glad to hear presentation went well. Best place would be the v10 forum during the beta..

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nick
Testing the beta version 10, it's amazing results and further improvements, I'm really proud of this version of the product, I think each version is much better at the last, and this is no exception

Best Regards
Hugo Guindani
HG Computacion Comunicaciones - BA,Argentina

Nick Galea said...

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for your positive comments! Yes, i think v10 will be a landmark release and a big success....


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