Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breaking news: Skype sold for 2.75 billion

Skype has just been sold in a deal valued 2.75 billion. Buyers are a group of investors. They are buying a company that is growing rapidly with more then $550 million in sales this year alone. At a little more then 5 times revenue, with a growing user base and a strong brand, I think its an interesting investment. At the same time, selling Skype will be a relief for Ebay. Ebay and Skype we're just never a good fit. Ebay will still keep 35% of the business, that is to say they get a cash pay out of $1.9 billion.

I am intrigued to see how the new owners will deal with the original Skype founders. And then of course what their vision will be for the Skype service. (beyond making lots of money in the short term which is what investors tend to focus on :-) )

Interesting days/months ahead for the entire VoIP / telco business!


Emmet Doyle said...

Hi Nick,

How do you think the new regime at Skype is going to deal with SIP crossover users like ourselves?

Will it have any effect on things like the 3CX Skype Gateway?


Wayne Hewitt said...

So they weren't just rumours ;-)