Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3CX Phone System v7 alpha released

It took us a while longer, but its finally here: 3CX Phone System V7. Key new features:
  • Completely revamped interface, with many usability improvements
  • Ability to set advanced forwarding rules per extension based on caller ID, time received and whether its an internal or an external call
  • Apache was replaced by a Microsoft Web Server, Cassini, which is more windows friendly, or optionally IIS can be used
  • Added support for running as a virtual instance in Hyper V
  • New configuration wizard which makes first setup easier
  • Improved performance of system.
  • MyPhone User portal is now also available on the free edition
  • Ability to offer callers a way to exit out of the queue and leave a message instead of waiting
  • Ability to have callers go straight to voice mail if no one is manning the queue.
  • Support for using Sangoma cards as VoIP Gateways, either installed on the same machine or on a remote machine
  • Resolve inbound calls to an outlook contact – incoming calls can automatically bring up the appropriate contact record based on the caller ID
You can download v7 alpha here

Manual is here

We have a special forum for feedback on v7.

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