Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3CX Phone System version 6 is already here

With the 2008 Olympic Games just around the corner, we are set to enjoy some record-breaking events this summer - and this seems to be the inspiring mood at 3CX of late.

Not sure if we just broke a record, but it certainly feels like it! Only 20 working weeks after releasing version 5, the 3CX development team has completed version 6 of 3CX Phone System for Windows. This is an achievement that can only be seen on a software-based PBX like ours. I doubt if anybody can possibly name one traditional PBX that is able to turn around a new
version this quickly and efficiently.

The large number of advanced features included in this new version makes 3CX IP PBX an even more competitive product, and we are very proud with the result. Probably one of the top additions is the new Windows 2008 support. This allows organizations to virtualize their PBX and run a phone system without the need for an appliance or an extra server, benefiting from considerable energy savings - not to mention the lower administration costs.

Other new features available on version 6 are call conferencing, paging, intercom, ability to send faxes with MS Windows Fax, BLF and phonebook provisioning, enhanced SIP interoperability and extended HTTP API.


Anonymous said...

I need to agree you guys are really rolling out the features. In my opinion 3CX now has a pretty nice set of features.

Any more developements on the IM/Chat? No urgency here, just curious.

Also you need to let Archie take a vacation sometime. ;-)

Nick Galea said...

Thanks for the heads up. Yes, August is scheduled for some time off but not before V7 is ready for alpha testing upon return :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm impressed with your product but concerned about upgrades. If I purchase a copy, what is the upgrade policy? Many thanks and keep up the great work!

Nick Galea said...


Thanks for your feedback. If you buy upgrade insurance you get all the upgrades for as long as the upgrade insurance is valid.