Monday, May 12, 2008

3CX Phone System version 6 on the way

The 3CX development team have been keeping busy over the past few months, and I am happy to report that version 6 of 3CX Phone System is just around the corner. We have added numerous features, including;

  • Conferencing server - to make conference calls with up to 32 callers
  • Intercom - intercom/page any extension
  • Call Queue status update information from the 3CX Softphone / VOIP client
  • See parked calls in 3CX Softphone / VOIP client
  • See all active calls in the system from the admin interface - ability to disconnect calls
  • Improved provisioning - we can now also provision the BLF lights on a phone
  • Phonebook - we can provision the most popular phones with a phonebook
  • HTTP API to enable/disable call recording for any extension
  • HTTP API to disable/enable extensions or to disable outbound calls for an extension
  • Improved call logging with extensible call reports
  • Improved IVR and Call Queue functionality

We have also spent considerable work on the backup and restore procedure. Version 6 should be a painless upgrade, not requiring separate backup and restore and making the restore process much faster. (reduced from hours to minutes)

All in all a considerable upgrade from v5.1. We we're not able to add the new interface yet, but its in the works. We are hoping to release a beta of v6 within the next 2 weeks......


david santos said...

I loved tis post and this blog.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! We are waiting for new release very much. How about restricting outbound calls for group of extensions? (Class of service)
Thank you for GREAT software!

Nick Galea said...

Thanks David and Igor for the nice feedback!

In regards to restricting outbound calls for a group of extensions - will add it as a feature request!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,

Its good to hear that 3CX is moving along with their software and I wish you many many prospers in the future from this.

I do though have some rather sharp comments which like it or not would be what we could call "a dead end for a few".

Ive tried the 3cx software and I think its rather good. But you limit your deployment options to users to only Windows based operating systems which is rather distressing to POSIX compliant operating systems such as linux and the bsd variants.

I did ask one of the seniors at 3cx once if it would ever be available for Linux. They said "soon" , that was quite a long time ago.

Linux is the cherry on the top , the king of all enterprise servers and it handles things a lot better than what MS does with their enterprise solutions.

You should definately consider POSIX compliant operating systems with Linux at your top. Can you imagine what customer base you are losing from a windows only solution ?

The "serious" PBX for Linux is surely asterisk at the present. I would love to recommend 3cx's software to a Linux admin even at a cost!


PS good work with 3cx so far!

Nick Galea said...

Hi Mario,

Thanks for the feedback. We did/are considering linux, but to be honest we are more and more decided on focusing on windows. Quite frankly i really dont see the need for another linux pbx