Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Voice mashups at Internet Telephony Expo 07 in LA

3CX exhibited at the Internet Telephony show this week and today i had the opportunity to visit a few of the sessions about VOIP at the conference. One really interesting session was on voice mashups, by Thomas Howe. By marrying mashups and voice, business processes and customer service can be radically improved - cost effectively. For example assume that your flight is cancelled - rather then finding out at the airport, the airline could call you automatically (i.e using a voice mashup app) and notify you of the cancellation and offer to automatically rebook you on the next flight.

Because mashups make developing powerful applications so much easier, these types of applications are now much more cost effective to make.

I really recommend visiting Thomas hows blog to learn more about it. He can explain it much better then i can and i am sure you will see the amazing potential of voice mashups and see how you could apply it in your business!

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